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Paper on breast cancer drug testing with Mayo Clinic

Paper on breast cancer drug testing with Mayo Clinic

Paper with Mayo Clinic researchers on breast cancer therapy selection in the OrganoPlate®

Breast cancer cells in the OrganoPlate(r)

Breast cancer is the most common invasive cancer among women. Currently, there are only a few models used for therapy selection, and they are often poor predictors of therapeutic response or take months to set up and assay. In this paper, we investigate the feasibility of adapting OrganoPlate® technology for therapy selection for breast cancer. The work is a collaboration with Prof. Richard Weinschilbaum and Dr. Liewei Wang from the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.

Triple negative breast cancer cell lines were selected based on their different BRCA1 and P53 status, and their culture conditions were optimized in the OrganoPlate®. We then exposed the cells to a series of anti-cancer drugs (paclitaxel, olaparib, cisplatin) and compared their responses to 2D cultures. Finally, we generated cisplatin dose responses in 3D cultures of breast cancer cells derived from 2 patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models. We observed that the drug response of triple negative breast cancer cells was attenuated by culture in 3D and differed from that observed in 2D, as well as an improvement of 3D cell culture viability by constant medium perfusion. Our results raise the intriguing possibility to use OrganoPlate® technology in personalized medicine to support selection of appropriate drugs and to predict response to therapy in a real-time fashion.

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