• We offer tailored partnerships to support and transform drug discovery.

    Every collaboration is a bespoke arrangement, meticulously designed to discover new compounds and targets in patient relevant disease models.

  • MIMETAS offers flexible fee-for-service solutions for therapy prioritization, optimization, and de-risking of compounds.

    As an extension of your team, MIMETAS provides the expertise and resources needed for effective research and development.

  • Our OrganoReady program is made for you when you need optimized assays for investigational toxicology.

    We guarantee OrganoReady performance according to specifications, in a fast and convenient sales transaction with a clear fee structure.

  • Giving you some food for thought. Read our blogs to learn more about 3D tissue culture, research backgrounds, developments, and its future outlook.
  • Get inspired by research done by our scientists, partners, and customers around the globe.

  • Learn about our mission, vision, the history of the company, and find out what we mean with MIMETAS-do.
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About Us | MIMETAS

Management Team of MIMETAS CEO CSO CTO CFO


In the picture from left to right, are Paul Vulto (CEO), Jos Joore (CEO), Bas Trietsch (CTO), and Jacquelien ten Dam (CFO). Together they are forming the management team of MIMETAS. Paul, Jos, and Bas founded MIMETAS in 2013 in Leiden, the Netherlands. Since then, Paul and Jos have been CEOs, whereas Bas is now serving as CTO. In that same year, MIMETAS incorporated her US-branch in Gaithersburg (MD). Also, the Dutch-Belgian biotech company Galapagos (Euronext & NASDAQ: GLPG) became MIMETAS’ launching customer. MIMETAS expanded rapidly over the years. The company is now working with nearly all major pharmaceutical companies and many top-tier academic institutes. In 2018, MIMETAS opened a subsidiary in Tokyo to expand its presence in Asia. In 2019, the management team has been expanded and strengthened with the addition of Jacquelien ten Dam, serving as CFO.

Today, MIMETAS counts over 100 employees in four sites in the Netherlands, USA, and Japan.

In 2014, MIMETAS raised a Series A investment round of 5.6 million USD, followed by a Series B round of 21 million USD in 2018


MIMETAS strives to contribute to groundbreaking therapies with unique human disease biology, revealed by robust, screenable assays in the most versatile technology platform.


We believe that phenotypic tissue- and disease modeling is at the heart of 21st-century therapy development.

Board of Directors

Chairman - Dhaval Patel

Executive board members
Jos Joore - CEO, MIMETAS
Paul Vulto - CEO, MIMETAS

Non-executive board members
André Hoekema - Galapagos
David Devigne - OMX Europe Venture Fund
Edward Willems - Gold Nest Private Capital
Eric van der Putten - Aglaia Oncology Funds

Scientific Advisor - Patrice Denèfle

Core Values

Highly talented, friendly, and energetic people from all over the world have found their way to MIMETAS. It is these people that embody our core values by their sheer character and qualities. We call this ‘MIMETAS-do’. It's the way we roll.

At one of our company retreats, we asked our colleagues to put MIMETAS-do into words. And as you know: a picture is worth a thousand words. Check the image for the result.

Wondering what it's like to work with or at MIMETAS? Try us and find out.

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