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  • Get inspired by research done by our scientists, partners, and customers around the globe.

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Revolutionizing Phenotypic Drug Discovery

An Innovative Approach to Drug Discovery

Embark on a phenotypic discovery journey with us as we deliver human-relevant models today to unlock the groundbreaking therapies of tomorrow. We offer a cutting-edge approach to test your compounds in advanced disease models, enabling more accurate clinical predictions. Our extensive modeling capabilities meet your needs for innovative discovery approaches in currently untreatable diseases.

By working with us, you’ll gain access to MIMETAS’ organ-on-a-chip technology and 10 years of disease modeling expertise, propelling you to the forefront of the quest for effective therapeutics.

Unveiling Disease Mechanisms

Understanding disease mechanisms is the key to unlocking effective treatment strategies. MIMETAS’ human tissue models have the ability to capture human disease processes, presenting a powerful platform for studying disease mechanisms, identifying potential drug targets, and beyond - accelerating the drug development process.


Get inspired

A 1537 kinase inhibitor library screen on a 3D angiogenesis assay

Using our angiogenesis-on-a-chip model, we performed first large-scale phenotypic screen using Organ-on-a-Chip. Our scientists used the assay to successfully screen 1537 different protein kinase inhibitors, assessing the efficacy of compounds by their ability to reduce angiogenic sprouting. This marks a significant advancement in drug development, showcasing the power of our models in efficiently screening large numbers of compounds to identify novel targets and potential drugs for challenging diseases.



The Leader in Combining Human Relevance with Scalability

At MIMETAS, we merge cutting-edge technology with scientific innovation to revolutionize the world of human 3D tissue biology. Our expertise lies in harnessing the power of automation and AI-driven image analysis to elevate the efficiency, accuracy, and scope of your research. By working with us, you’ll gain access to our capabilities, increasing success rates and significantly reducing time-to-market. Unleash human disease-relevant discovery projects with uncompromised throughput.

Why Choose Us?

  • Unleash the potential of automation to upscale and streamline your processes.
  • Harness the insights hidden within your data using AI-enriched image analysis.
  • Collaborate with a dedicated team of experts passionate about advancing research.

Pioneering Organ-on-a-Chip Expertise


Collaboration is the cornerstone of our approach to phenotypic discovery. In a drug development partnership, you'll gain access to a team of MIMETAS’ scientists and their unique know-how - all dedicated to advancing medical science. Together, we can achieve groundbreaking discoveries, leading to the development of novel therapies and elevating healthcare outcomes for patients worldwide.

If you are interested in exploring potential partnership opportunities or learning more about our ongoing projects, please contact us.

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