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OrganoPlate® Graft

OrganoPlate® Graft is the first in vitro tissue culture platform that allows co-culture of spheroids, organoids, and tumors with a perfused microvascular bed and vascularization of 3D tissues.

OrganoPlate® Graft features:

  • 64 independent tissue culture chips
  • 3 adjacent channels, with one open grafting chamber per chip
  • Direct access to the apical and basal lumen of tubules and vessels

Each chip contains one in-gel culture channel, two perfusion channels, and one open grafting chamber. The platform enables perfusion and addition of cells, compounds, and stimuli, and provides direct access to vascularized tissues.

Our Technology

Product details

Meet the OrganoPlate Graft

Vascularized 3D tissues
Add perfusable human vasculature to your tissue models, and recreate sophisticated microenvironments.

Flexible tissue culture configurations fitting your modeling needs
In-ECM cultures, against-ECM cultures, tubular cultures, or a combination. It’s up to you.

Apical and basal access
Enabling perfusion of tubular tissues using OrganoFlow®, allowing a wide range of biological applications, and direct access to vascularized tissues.

No artificial membranes for free migration, invasion, and exchanges of factors
Unique PhaseGuide™ technology allows cells to interact and migrate freely between channels.

Suitable for a wide range of cell types and tissue sources
Get the OrganoPlate from us, implement the cell type and/or tissue source of your choice. Multiple cell types and tissue sources possible: organoids, tissue explants, spheroids, PDX material, and more.

Multiple assays

  • In-plate: immunostaining, barrier integrity, transport, viability assays, and many more. All with tested protocols in your microscope, high content imaging microplate reader.
  • Off-plate: cytokine profiling, qPCR, LC-MS, and more.

Get inspired

OrganoPlate® Graft: The Missing Link In Tissue Culture

App Note
The OrganoPlate® Graft: In Vitro Vascularization of Human Tissues

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  • Vascularization
  • Perfused tubules
  • 3D cell migration
  • Angiogenesis
  • Cell-cell interactions

OrganoPlate® Graft:
how it works

Functional blood vessels are a vital connecting structure inside the body. This aspect is missing in all currently available in vitro cell culture techniques, until now.

OrganoPlate® Graft is developed for grafting tissues to a vascular bed. Its open-top design makes it possible to receive target tissues for studying interaction with a vascular bed. It uniquely facilitates perfusion of the tissue and allows drug administration through the vasculature. The platform can be used for vascularization studies of various tissues in areas such as oncology and toxicology.

Watch the video to learn in a nutshell how in vitro vascularization can be achieved.

About Vascularization

Want to know more?

Get up to speed with 3D tissue culture and learn how OrganoPlate® supports your research needs.

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