MIMETAS highlighted in i-Micronews | Mimetas

MIMETAS highlighted in i-Micronews

MIMETAS highlighted in i-Micronews

Interview with Paul Vulto about the organ-on-a-chip technology

MIMETAS offers high-throughput human tissue and disease models in OrganoPlates®.

'The organs-on-chips technology has the potential to become a multi-billion dollar market in the mid- to long-term future, given the billions of dollars they could help the industry to save every year' (Yole Développement’s analysts). According to Paul Vulto, the biggest challenge is to convince end-users that the old-fashioned 2D models are simply not good enough, while at the same time showing them that perfused 3D cell culture isn’t necessarily more complex to do. Paul Vulto, Managing Director MIMETAS, elaborates on this topic in an interview by Yole Développement.

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