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OrganoReady® Blood-brain-barrier HBMEC

40 or 64 ready-to-use primary human microvasculature endothelial cell tubules for drug exposure, transport, and permeability studies.

Do you want to perform experiments in human-relevant​ and reproducible Blood-Brain Barrier 3D models, ​but don’t have the time to optimize the conditions? ​With the OrganoReady® BBB HBMEC, you can study the BBB like never before. In contrast to other cell lines or iPSC-based BBB models, this platform is made with primary HBMEC cells that expresses all relevant markers, transporters, receptors and enzymes.

Built on the OrganoPlate® 3-lane 40 or 64, ​you can immediately de-risk your compounds toxicity by​ measuring barrier integrity with fluorescent dye leakage,​ or in a faster, more sensitive method with the OrganoTEER®.

OrganoReady® BBB HBMEC features:​

  • 40, or 64 ready-to use HBMEC perfused tubules
  • OrganoMedium HBMEC-BM ​
  • HBMEC cell line: Human Brain Microvascular Endothelial Cells
  • ECM: Collagen-I​ (Rat Tail)

Assess the permeability and active transport of your ​compounds with direct apical and basal access.​ Add your neuronal component to obtain a complete​ neurovascular unit in an optimized, and consistent ​batch of human primary Blood-Brain Barrier cells ​grown against a validated batch of Collagen-I.


Our OrganoReady® Family

Product details

Meet the OrganoReady® BBB HBMEC

TEER evaluation under physiological conditions
Assess barrier integrity quantitatively and robustly in less than 2 minutes for all 40 or 64 replicates ​with the OrganoTEER®.

We create the model so you can focus on your assays
Preparation and QC of OrganoReady BBB HBMEC are done by our experts. Start screening with the OrganoReady BBB HBMEC 1 day after arrival for up to 7 days.

Get inspired by a wide range of possible applications
Study (drug-induced) toxicity, inflammation, or quantify drug transport to the CNS.
Use the model for disease modeling or for fundamental research on the BBB.

Apical and basal access
Polarized and perfusable HBMEC tubules, allowing barrier integrity (TEER), transporter (e.g. P-gp), and permeability assays.

Assay versatility
Sampling for off-plate analysis of RNA, DNA, proteins, and metabolites, or perform live-cell as well as fixed staining.

Save your cells and time
With less than 100 µl per perfusion lane and ​no daily media changes

Decrease in TEER can be used to sensitively and quantitavely assess inflammatory status as shown in this data set of HBMEC tubules treated with cytokines.

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Efficiency at its finest. Meet the OrganoReady.

The OrganoReady® BBB HBMEC plate offers a fast and guaranteed way to obtain data in a relevant Blood Brain Barrier model. The live cell tubules, after being brought back to culture in a few easy steps, are ready to use in less than 24 hours.

In this video, our cell culture analyst unboxes the BBB HBMEC model, showing you how easy it is to get the OrganoReady plates into culture. Drop the specialized instruments. It's all ready to go. Are you ready to take your cell culture to the next level?

Our OrganoReady® family

How the OrganoReady is used in routine screens:

“The OrganoReady model has been very useful for fast screening of novel gene therapy related technologies in our company. The membrane-free fluidics is a high throughput screening tool to monitor a transfer of antibodies through the blood brain barrier.” 

Svetlana Pasteuning, VectorY B.V., Netherlands 

Want to know more?

Get up to speed with 3D tissue culture and learn how OrganoPlate® supports your research needs.

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