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  • Get inspired by peer-reviewed publications of our scientists, partners, and customers around the globe.

  • Giving you some food for thought. Read our blogs to learn more about 3D tissue culture, research backgrounds, developments, and its future outlook.
  • Get inspired by research done by our scientists, partners, and customers around the globe.

  • Learn about our mission, vision, the history of the company, and find out what we mean with MIMETAS-do.
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Knowledge Center

Get up to speed with 3D tissue culture and learn how OrganoPlate® supports your research needs. Read publications from customers and our scientists, watch our webinars, or check our application notes, protocols, and brochures.

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General: get started with 3D tissue culture
General Protocols
Assay Protocols
All Protocols
OrganoPlate® 2-lane 96
OrganoPlate® 3-lane 40
OrganoPlate® 3-lane 64
OrganoPlate® Graft
OrganoReady Colon Caco-2
Perfused Tubules
Cell-Cell Interactions
3D Cell Migration


Webinars & Roundtables

(2020) Getting started with 3D cell models and imaging – all you need to know (EN) (DE) (FR)

Application Notes & Whitepapers

3D Immune Cell Migration
In collaboration with Molecular Devices

A 3D Human Kidney Nephrotoxicity Model
In collaboration with Sigma Aldrich.


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