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App Note: A 3D human blood-brain barrier model in a high throughput platform for disease modeling and drug development

There is an unmet need for human-relevant blood-brain barrier models to better enable discovery of novel therapeutics to treat CNS disorders. Most BBB models are either limited in their complexity, failing to mimic key aspects of the BBB, or lack human translatability.

In this app note, we describe a 3D primary human brain microvascular endothelial cell (HBMEC) BBB model which displays physiologically relevant junction and transporter expression profiles, low small molecule permeability, all while being compatible with robust high-throughput readouts such as high-content imaging and sensitive on-chip TEER measurements. The BBB on-a-chip model is ideal for fundamental studies of BBB function in health and disease and for investigation of potential restorative therapies to fight neurological disorders. Due to the platform’s high throughput and compatibility with automation, the model is also optimized to facilitate compound screening workflows.

Benefits of the model:

  • 40 or 64 robust human BBBs-on-chips in a perfused microfluidic platform
  • Tight barrier function as evidenced by retention of a small molecule dye
  • Expression of relevant BBB transporters & response to barrier-disrupting compound


Download the app note here


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