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Liis Rannamäe

This interview is part of a series of conversations with the people working at Mimetas. The 'I' in Mimetas focuses on the personal side of the people that drive our world. Today we have a chat with Liis Rannamäe, Laboratory Technician at Mimetas.


If MIMETAS had a theme song for its 10-year anniversary, what would it be and why?

If MIMETAS were to have a theme song for its 10-year anniversary, it would ideally be a celebratory and uplifting tune that captures the spirit of the company's achievements and progress over the past decade. I am thinking of "Hall of Fame" by The Script featuring will.i.am. This song combines catchy melodies with empowering lyrics that inspire perseverance and success. It celebrates the idea of reaching milestones and making a lasting impact, which aligns with MIMETAS' dedication to advancing the field of organ-on-a-chip technology.


As Laboratory Technician, what does your average day working at MIMETAS look like?

A laboratory technician's workday is like a well-choreographed dance between test tubes and pipettes. They start their morning with a friendly chat with the lab equipment, giving them a pep talk to ensure a productive day ahead. In between bouts of meticulously handling aliquots and solutions, they engage in epic battles with stubborn lab equipment that sometimes refuses to cooperate. With a mix of finesse and brute force, they conquer the rebellious centrifuges and persuade finicky spectrophotometers to reveal their secrets.


What is a motto you live by?

The following motto resonates deeply with me: "Live with gratitude and appreciation" - This emphasizes the power of gratitude and cultivates a positive mindset. It reminds you to focus on the blessings and joys in your life, no matter how small they may be. It encourages you to appreciate the present moment, practice mindfulness, and find beauty in everyday experiences. Life is truly a gift!


What was the biggest challenge you faced during your professional career?

Transitioning my career to focus on science, specifically the biomedicine field. Switching careers is a significant challenge and successfully navigating a career transition requires careful planning, perseverance, and a willingness to step out of the comfort zone.


MIMETAS has achieved significant milestones over the past decade. Which milestone do you resonate with the most, and why?

The most important milestone is truly the development and commercialization of OrganoPlate®: MIMETAS successfully developed and commercialized the OrganoPlate®, a 3D cell culture system that mimics human organs on a chip. This technology has gained significant recognition and adoption, providing researchers with more accurate and predictive models for drug discovery and development.


What is the best thing about working at MIMETAS?

One of the many great things regarding working at Mimetas, is the collaborative environment. Employees are encouraged to exchange ideas, share knowledge, and work together towards common goals. Collaboration with renowned academic institutions, industry leaders, and healthcare organizations provides employees with opportunities to engage in cutting-edge research and make meaningful connections within the scientific community.


If you could send a message to yourself 10 years ago, what would you tell the younger you?

Liisu, there is a reason you love Biology classes. Study harder, as one day you will be working in that field!


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