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Blood-Brain Barrier Small Molecule Transport Assay

OrganoServicesTM are available for multiple assays to allow compound profiling and/or screening in human-relevant, complex 3D tissue models.

The blood-brain barrier (BBB) ensures a​ homeostatic environment for the central nervous system (CNS) and is essential for healthy brain functioning. A major challenge in treating CNS disorders is developing drugs that can pass through the BBB as many small-molecule pharmaceuticals are restricted from entering the brain in sufficient quantities to elicit a response. To study small molecule transport and penetration kinetics across the BBB in a high-throughput manner across the BBB , we developed a robust human brain microvascular endothelial cells (HBMEC) BBB model in the OrganoPlate® , combined with a validated small molecule transport assay.

The Blood-Brain Barrier Small Molecule Transport Assay OrganoService offers:

  • Screening of your compounds in validated, physiologically-relevant BBB model
  • Pre-QC and post-QC via barrier integrity measurements
  • Screens are run in sets of 6 compounds in one concentration
  • 4 technical replicates and 4 cell-free controls per compound
  • Digoxin and Propranolol used as control compounds (May be switched with your compounds)
  • Basal and apical samples shared
  • Extend the compound screen with more plates, in case a larger screen is desired

An example of an application that can be performed using this OrganoServiceTM is to evaluate BBB permeability of potential samll-molecule compounds.

About Perfused Tubules OrganoPlate 3-lane 64


Service details

About Blood-Brain Barrier Small Molecule Transport Assay

Kickstart drug permeability studies in a physiologically​ relevant 3D human BBB model​
Set up and perform your BBB transport assay in a perfusable human brain microvascular endothelial model​

Complement your BBB transport studies with additional toxicity studies​
Assess the toxicity of your compounds and their effect on the HBMEC barrier with our OrganoService BBB toxicity assay​

Robust and reproducible assay​
Automated workflow ensures consistent performance and data quality​

Sampling & data reporting in one go​
Receive basal and apical samples, as well as post-QC data​

​Membrane- and cell-free transport​
Perform transport measurements without the obstruction of artificial membranes and cells

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