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Custom Model & Assay Development

Novel human tissue & disease models

Get insights into human physiology and drug effects
We develop novel phenotypic tissue models, tailored to support target discovery, lead optimization, and investigative tox. Together, we answer your therapeutic research questions by combining our modeling expertise with your know-how. You can expect to get nothing less than unique insights into human physiology and drug effects.

Our approach
We prioritize impact-oriented experimental design and continuous communication throughout these exploratory collaborations. We will allocate a dedicated project team to plan and execute iterative assay optimization experiments. In monthly project update meetings, we report and discuss the results. Depending on your preference and internal resources, we also offer compound screening and profiling services.

We look forward to working with you!
In keeping with our high standards, we foster effective collaborations, long-term relationships, and tangible impact on your therapeutic programs. We strongly value your success and plan carefully to ensure that we address your specific research questions in full.

For more information on our focus areas or to brainstorm around a particular assay concept, please get in touch with us.

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Human Tissue and Disease Model Experts

Other services

Compound Profiling & Screening
Get robust compound data in human tissue models through our OrganoServices. With proven phenotypic assays in the OrganoPlate® platform, we support your drug discovery and development needs.

Drug Development Partnerships
Expand your drug discovery capacity, shoulder to shoulder with our scientific team. Proprietary human disease biology in the OrganoPlate® platform. Together we make the therapeutics of tomorrow.

Living innovation


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