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OrganoFlow® drives precisely-controlled perfusion flow
in the OrganoPlate® platform.

OrganoFlow features:

  • Optimal control of perfusion flow in OrganoPlates
  • Pump- and tube-free perfusion of your cultures
  • Optimized time- and tilting angle settings, including interval rocking
  • Suitable for use in standard tissue culture incubators
  • Maintain flow in up to 16 OrganoPlates

OrganoPlate Technology

Meet the OrganoFlow

OrganoFlow variations
OrganoFlow comes in two versions and is suitable for use in standard tissue culture incubators.

  • OrganoFlow® S with capacity for 1 - 4 OrganoPlates
  • OrganoFlow® L with capacity for up to 16 OrganoPlates

Medium perfusion (flow) in OrganoPlate is established by passive leveling of liquids. The perfusion can be maintained indefinitely by placing the OrganoPlate platform on OrganoFlow. The customized rocker platform fits easily in an incubator and enables interval rocking (switching sides every 5 sec-999 minutes), as well as adjustable rocking angles (0° to +25°). The OrganoFlow L is optimized to be used in combination with OrganoTEER®, allowing TEER measurements during perfusion flow.

Minimal settings are required for pump- and tube-free perfusion in OrganoPlates.

OrganoFlow: how it works

Discover with this video how to drive precisely-controlled perfusion flow in the OrganoPlate® platform.

Learn more about:

  • the look and feel of OrganoFlow® L
  • how to perfuse your cultures in just a few clicks
  • how to implement the device in your workflow

Want to know more?

Get up to speed with 3D tissue culture and learn how OrganoPlate® supports your research needs.

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