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OrganoReady® Organoid

64 ready-to-use adult stem cell (ASC)-derived organoid tubules for drug exposure, transport, and permeability studies.

Are you interested in dose dependent barrier disruption, and rescue? With the OrganoReady Organoid line, organoids are grown into the OrganoPlate platform as leak tight tubules, allowing you to measure drugs absorption, metabolism and impact on cell health the minute it reaches your lab. Combined with high resolution, quantitative, live microscopy techniques, these cultures require no further optimization.

Our organoid models are derived from adult stem cells (ASCs) whilst most other organoid technologies use embryonic or primary cells. This is a key distinction, as ASC-derived organoids do not require reprogramming or transformation of stem cells. The original properties of the donor, including specific disease aspects, are maintained when cultured outside of the human body. The regenerative capacity of patient-derived ASCs can therefore be utilized to reproduce organ functionality in the lab.

Early Access Program
We offer selected users two fully optimized OrganoReady Organoid models, which are compatible with high throughput screening:

  • The first proliferative organoid-based colon tubules on the market, developed as the next generation platform to characterize the mechanistic toxicology of drugs, or pollutants known to specifically affect this tissue.
  • The first proliferative organoid-based kidney tubules that can be used, for example, to evaluate drug-induced kidney injury in a more translatable way.

Given the more physiological nature of both colon and kidney tubuloids compared to cell lines, primary tissue or iPSC-derived cells, these tubules are the ideal model to not only dissect the mechanistic toxicity of small or large molecules, but also assess their adsorption, metabolism and secretion.

OrganoReady® Organoid package features:

  • 64 ready-to use ASC-derived perfused organoid tubules
  • Recovery Medium and Culture medium
  • ECM: Optimized Collagen-I (Rat Tail)

Product details

Meet the OrganoReady Organoid line

Ready-to-assay organoid tubules
64 ready-to-use kidney and colon organoid tubules seeded against collagen I, allowing you to perform assays right away.

Tailored ASC-derived organoid models
Development of other organoid models such as the small intestine or lung are in the pipeline, with any other tubules requested also at our fingertips. We source any type of epithelial tissue you need. Get in touch to learn more.

Apical and basal access
Polarized and perfused organoid tubules that allow barrier integrity (TEER), transporter, toxicity and permeability assays.

We create the model, so you can focus on your assays
Preparation and QC of OrganoReady Organoids are done by our experts. Use the OrganoReady Organoid models directly after arrival for up to 7 days.

True platform personalization
The first truly personalized ASC-derived Organoid based platform, with all tissue sourced directly from tissue donors and then optimized them to grow into our platform by our scientists.

Early access Kidney and Colon organoids now available.

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