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  • Get inspired by research done by our scientists, partners, and customers around the globe.

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Unleashing your therapeutic innovation with human 3D disease models

Unmatched disease relevance, precision, throughput,
and ethical commitment.

Revolutionizing drug discovery

Our phenotypic modeling
technology helps you realize
therapeutic breakthroughs
and reduce costs.

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Advancing Preclinical Predictivity

Human organ models
supporting ADME and safety
with enhanced translatability,
while minimizing reliance
on animal models.

Preclinical Research

Together for a Better Future

Marking 10 years of impactful science, we're dedicated to further leveraging our 3D tissue expertise to provide tailored answers to your unique research questions.


Science Together

Select the right collaboration mode for drug discovery, prioritization and optimization, or compound analysis, all based on our state-of-the-art modelling technologies.

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by the Best

Our success is built on satisfied, returning customers. The trust of leading global pharmaceutical and biotech companies in our capabilities speaks volumes about the quality and value we offer.

Trust Built on Excellence

A leader in human

relevance and scale

Our organ-on-a-chip technology recreates physiologically relevant environments on the largest scale possible.

About us

Living Innovation


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