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  • Get inspired by research done by our scientists, partners, and customers around the globe.

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Learn how to use the most sophisticated 3D tissue culture platform for your research. In your lab, at your time and pace.

Step-by-step approach
Our E-learning is designed to guide you, step-by-step, on how to develop 3D tissue and organ models in the OrganoPlate® platform.

Learn at your time and pace
Learn how to establish tissue cultures by gel loading and cell seeding in OrganoPlate® 2-lane and 3-lane, or learn more about tissue placement in the OrganoPlate® Graft. Through our online course materials, you will learn more about our technology, imaging capabilities, and the assays compatible with the OrganoPlate. Allowing you to eventually choose the relevant assay for your specific research. The E-learning is part of our OrganoStart Package(s) and provides:

  • Access to the E-learning module of your choice
  • Key materials to use during the E-learning for establishing 3D tissue and organ models (OrganoPlates, and key reagents)
  • Consultancy hours with our scientific experts

E-learning details

About the E-learning

What can you expect?
Learn with our E-learning how to work with the OrganoPlate® platform and how to use it for your specific research. Through presentations, readings, and video tutorials you will be instructed on how to establish 3D tissue cultures. Follow the course at your own pace and bring it directly into practice in your laboratory.

Would you like to follow the E-learning? Make sure you have access to:

  • a sterile working area
  • basic lab equipment
  • cells
  • light microscope*

*Access to a (high content) fluorescent microscope is recommended, but not necessary.

To allow the direct practice of the (video) instructions in your lab, the E-learning comes with a starter kit that includes key materials to successfully follow the course.

How to get access the E-learning?
The E-learning is part of our OrganoStart Package(s), for more information please get in touch with us through the button below.


In-depth lectures on the following topics:

  • Introduction to Organ-on-a-Chip and the OrganoPlate®
  • Key parameters for advanced tissue culture models
  • Assays and (high content) imaging of 3D tissue cultures
  • OrganoPlate® platform and applications

Laboratory (video) tutorials about:

  • Handling of cells and extracellular matrix gels for microfluidic devices
  • Establishing 3D tissue cultures: in-gel and perfused tubules
  • Fixation, staining, and imaging of 3D tissue cultures
  • Assays and data analysis


Want to know more?

Get up to speed with 3D tissue culture and learn how OrganoPlate® supports your research needs.

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