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3D Cell migration using a Microfluidic Endothelium-on-a-Chip Model

On-demand Webinar

Cell migration is an essential process for many biological phenomena such as early embryonic development. It plays an important role in disease processes such as wound healing and cancer metastasis. The immune system, which protects us from diseases, also relies on the migration of various cell types with immensely diverse and highly specific receptors to recognize potential threats. To accomplish the processes that are involved in cell migration, including chemoattraction, rolling adhesion, tight adhesion collective cell migration, and/or extravasation and transmigration, cells need to successfully navigate the complex 3D environment of living tissues.

To study the detailed molecular and biophysical mechanisms related to T cell migration mouse models are often used. However, their biology does not always translate to humans and on top of that mouse models cost a lot of time and money and are ethically debatable. In vitro cell culture models do not recapitulate complex human biology, due to the lack of vasculature, extracellular matrix, and neighboring cells.

In this webinar, you will learn everything about:

  • How microfluidic organ-on-a-chip models can be developed to study 3D cell dynamics
  • Development of an assay that allows unimpeded extravasation of T cells under flow in real-time and using a high-throughput, artificial membrane‐free microfluidic platform as an example
  • Observation, imaging, and analysis of 3D cell migration.

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Lenie van den Broek, Director Biology Discovery at MIMETAS





Luuk de Haan, Scientist Model Development at MIMETAS
Luuk graduated from Utrecht University in 2018 after completing the Molecular and Cellular Life Sciences Master’s program. Shortly after, he started as a scientist in the Model Development team of MIMETAS where his work is mostly focused on the development of innovative, immunocompetent tissue models.

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