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Poster: Organs-On-Chip Meets High Throughput Screening: Measuring Trans-Endothelial Electrical Resistance in an Endothelial Model

Poster Development of a 3D microphysiological placenta barrier in vitro model as a tool for drug transport studies Barrier function is an important readout in drug development, as the pathogenesis of many human diseases involves tissue barrier disruption, and it can be used to assess the toxic effects of the potential drug compounds. Barrier function can be assessed with Trans Epithelial Electrical Resistance (TEER) measurements. Standard TEER measurements, however, are of low throughput and require an artificial separating membrane, which limits drug permeability and physiological relevance.

In this poster, we present the OrganoTEER®, a device used to perform high throughput TEER measurements in the OrganoPlate® 3-lane. This OrganoPlate platform is based on a 384-microtiter plate which allows for a parallel culture of 40 perfused miniaturized tissues, without the obstruction of artificial membranes. Here, we cultured and analyzed the barrier function of a HUVEC based endothelial model in response to the toxicant staurosporine. The OrganoTEER showed to be a reliable tool in assessing toxic effects in both a time and dose-dependent manner.

Download the poster here


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