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App Note: Automation of an organ-on-a-chip assay: automated culture, imaging, and analysis of angiogenesis

There is an urgent need for physiologically relevant intestinal in vitro culture systems with modular biological complexity. To this end, novel methods in cell biology have paved the way to the growing use of 3D cultures—from simple spheroids to more complex structures, such as organoids and organ-on-a-chip systems. However, the complexity of 3D models remains a hurdle for its wider adoption in research and drug screening.

To address some of these challenges, we developed a method to increase assay throughput and improve data reproducibility using a multi-instrument, integrated work cell to automate and monitor the cell culture workflow. In this app note, we discuss the methods developed to automate cell seeding, media exchange, and monitoring the quantification of 3D vasculature growth.

Benefits of the method:

  • Increase assay throughput and scalability
  • Improve data reproducibility


Download the App Note here


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