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App Note: Comparison of the OrganoPlate and the Transwell platform for in vitro intestinal permeability assays

Better intestinal barriers without plate inserts

When developing new drugs, it is critical to understand the permeability, absorption, and transport mechanisms of new therapeutics in relevant biological systems.

In this application note, we compare permeability assays in Caco‑2 intestinal tubule models cultured in the OrganoPlate to those cultured in a conventional permeable filter support (Transwell®) system.

OrganoPlate vs. Plate Inserts:

4 reasons to consider changing your tissue culture platform to OrganoPlate

  • Membrane-free system: allows easy, high-quality imaging, and ensures permeability data is not influenced by the membrane;
  • Faster readout: Direct analysis in the plate, due to real-time imaging-based assay; no need for sampling;
  • Faster culture & assay: Assay‑ready in 4 days (vs. 21 days), paracellular permeability readout in 12 min (vs. 330 min);
  • Four times fewer cells are required and lower experimental cost.


Download the app note here


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