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Culture days, weeks & months

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Microfluidic perfusion guarantees that your cells are provided with fresh medium all the time, for weeks or even months. You don't need to worry about fragile cell types, OrganoPlates™ take gentle care of them. Equipment is not required as we use elegant passive leveling techniques.

Massive parallel & miniaturized

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We realize that one assay is no assay. Useful assays start with useful throughput. Our patented microfluidic PhaseGuide™ technology allows massive parallel cell culture combined with ease of use. Ninety-six 3D cell culture assays on a plate, saving expensive materials, precious cells and labor.

Cost-effective & compatible

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OrganoPlates™ have been designed with cost and compatibility in mind. Everything is based on industry standard micro plate formats. With 96 cultures per plate, we are setting the standard for throughput with perfused 3D culture systems.

See how OrganoPlates™ work for you, easy and compatible

OrganoPlates™ are microfluidics‐based 3D culture plates. This video demonstrates their working principles using PhaseGuide™-technology and ease-of-use with manual or robotic operation. Based on industry-standard 384-well microplates, compatibility with microscopy and readout equipment, including confocal microscopy and luminescent readers is guaranteed.

MIMETAS publishes core technology in Lab on a Chip, featured on back cover

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MIMETAS and the University of Leiden have published a key paper describing the core technology powering OrganoPlates™. The paper describes elegant microfluidics, supporting high throughput and ease of use, while offering unsurpassed 3D model flexibility. The full version of the paper is available here>

A different angle on Organ-on-a-Chip technology

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At MIMETAS, we aim to offer you now, what others promise for the future. You care about assay results, not about technology. So we design our organ-on-a-chip plates aiming for real-world applications. To make sure that they work for you. Now. More>