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OrganoReady® Vascular Bed HUVEC

64 ready-to-use HUVEC vascular beds for your vascularization studies.

Are your in-vitro models lacking the key vascular component? With a pre-formed vascular bed, the OrganoReady® Vascular Bed HUVEC allows you to start your vascularization studies the right way: by introducing vasculature to your organoid and spheroid cultures. Save time by focusing on your grafting strategies while we produce and ship HUVEC vascular beds straight to your labs.

Built on the OrganoPlate® Graft, with 64 chips in parallel, you can immediately add your tissue of interest to the model and optimize conditions for vascularization of your tissue of interest. With this ready-to-use vascular bed, you can add another level of relevance to the models, as well as gain access to the core of the tissue explants.

OrganoReady Vascular Bed HUVEC features:

  • 64 pre-formed HUVEC vascular beds
  • Culture medium
  • Sprouting initiation mix: OrganoMedium HUVEC VB-I
  • Cell license included​
  • Prepared & fully quality controlled​
  • Ready for use after overnight recovery​

Assess and optimize the potential of your tissue of interest to form vascular connections with direct access to apical and basal compartments and access to your explanted tissue via the grafting chamber. Your tissue of interest can be inserted into the 1 mm circular grafting chamber against a validated batch of collagen-I and HUVEC vascular bed.


Our OrganoReady® Family

Product details

Meet the OrganoReady® Vascular Bed


Assess formation of lumenized and perfusable microvasculature
Easily p
erform a perfusion assay with dyes to determine interconnection through the vascular network and tissue.

We create the model so you can focus on your vascularisation studies
Preparation and QC of OrganoReady Vascular Bed HUVEC are done by our experts.

Quantify vascular remodelling events and tissue penetration via image analysis
Fully compatible with high-content imagers for analysing vessel intensity and dynamics.

Extract tissue sample for off-plate analysis
Sampling for off-plate analysis of RNA, DNA, proteins, and metabolites, or perform live-cell as well as fixed staining.

Get inspired by a wide range of applications
Conduct vascularization studies (spheroid, organoid,
tumeroid) for developing assays to assess cell migration, intravasation and killing. You can also create air liquid interface for lung or skin inflammation studies.

Apical and basal access to vasculature while tissue also remains accessible
Polarized and perfusable HUVEC microvasculature, facilitating drug transport and screens.

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