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September 10 - 13, Ljubjana, Slovenia

The world of toxicology is at an important stage of paradigm shifts at various levels. These changes, which arise from still unmet needs to find and validate experimental models that are closer to humans, are characterised by the appearance of new approach methodologies, equipment with higher performance and greater sensitivity, and computer algorithms to deal with big data, allowing us to advance science and unveil the secrets of adverse outcomes like never before in order to move towards the next generation of risk assessment.

Under the theme “Toxicology – multidisciplinary science leading to safer and sustainable life” the Local Organising Committee, chaired by Dr. Lucija Perharič, and the Scientific Programme Committee (SPC), chaired by Dr. Thomas Weiser, have put together an inspiring programme covering all aspects of modern toxicology. We are particularly keen to emphasise the breadth of toxicology and the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration. For the first time ever, the Slovenian Society of Toxicology (, they will have the honour of hosting a EUROTOX Congress.

Meet us at Booth #19 and join us at the following activities:


  • Novel Autologous Vessel & Vascularised Tissue-on-a-Chip Technology for the Hazard Identification and Immunotoxicology of Drugs and Therapies During Early Development
    Session: S16-04, Organ-on-a-chip and the developing role in early drug development: Tuesday, September 12, 11:30 AM, Marmorna 2 Speaker: Labcorp


MIMETAS Short Oral talks

  • Development and characterization of Bronchus-on-a-Chip in a novel microfluidic platform suitable for air exposure
    Monday September 11, 11:00 am, Room Urška 3+4
    Speaker: Wouter Strijker (MIMETAS)
  • Modelling Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy on-a-Chip
    Tuesday September 12, 5:36 pm, Room Urška 3+4
    Speaker: Xandor Spijkers (MIMETAS)
  • Blood-brain barrier on-a-Chip to study compound-induced disruption
    Wednesday September 13, 12:48 pm, Room Urška 3+4
    Speaker: Nienke Wevers (MIMETAS)



  • 3D microphysiological placenta in-vitro model as a tool for drug transport studies and risk assessment
    Session P08: Developmental and reproductive toxicology Poster nr. 08-05, September 11, 9:30 AM, Poster Exhibition Room
  • Mucus hyper secretion in Bronchus-on-a-Chip as the airway remodeling indication.
    Japan Tobacco Inc., Session P22: New approach methodologies (NAMs) Poster nr. 22-12, September 11, 9:30 AM, Poster Exhibition Room
  • Applications of an isogenic human iPSC-derived blood-brain barrier (BBB) model.
    Fujifilm Cellular Dynamics Inc., Session P16: In vitro methodologies & screening Poster nr. 16-21, September 11, 9:30 AM, Poster Exhibition Room


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